Landowner Procedures

  • Landowner fills out “Landowner Cost-Share Application” online or at HPWMA’s office
  • Landowner obtains list of approved contractors and references from HPWMA
  • Landowner obtains aerial map of property from NRCS
  • Landowner request NRCS or HPWMA to GPS treatment area
  • Landowner contacts NRCS office for additional Federal and/or State Cost-Share Programs at NRCS office (optional)
  • Landowner is to report to HPWMA any additional government funding received
  • Landowner submits aerial map of property from NRCS and GPS of property to be treated to HPWMA
  • A meeting with HPWMA Field Coordinator, Contractor and Landowner to verify acres, rate and complete the HPWMA Invasive Species Treatment Contract and have contractor submit bids to landowner
  • Landowner provides HPWMA with their approved contractor estimate.
  • HPWMA Field Coordinator will meet with HPWMA Committee to have “Notice to Proceed” signed and forward copies to Contractor and Landowner upon approval
  • After completion of project HPWMA Field Coordinator will give the contactor a “Release of Liens of Claims” form to sign off and have it notarized (this can be done at the HPWMA office by the Panhandle RC&D Program Support Assistant)
  • Final Inspection form listing final  bid acres completed and cost will be signed by Landowner and HPWMA and approved by the Board for the final payment to the contractor of 75% of bid cost
  • If additional “action items” are necessary, the items will be noted on Final Inspection Form and must be addressed before final payment

Download (PDF, 169KB)