Landowner Cost-Share Application




Species for Treatment (mark all that apply)

PhragmitesRussian OliveSalt CedarEastern Red Cedar

Preferred Practices/Methods* (mark all that apply)

Spray & Stand (Phrag/Salt Cedar)Spray & Stand (Russian Olive)Basal Bark SprayShear/Spray/PileWet Blade, less than 3" diameter

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*Please note that any and all cost-share approved projects through High Plains Weed Management Association are subject to practices/guidelines as put forth by the Association. Please see additional landowner forms and guidelines for more information.

By signing below, the landowner hereby certifies that any and all information presented in this application is true and complete. In addition, the landowner agrees to submit to additional information gathering by HPWMA staff and/or volunteers to verify the information presented and to determine project specifications, including possible site inspections utilizing GPS equipment.