targetOur Target Weeds:
The Russian Olive is a shrub or small tree that can grow to 30 feet in height. This plant was originally planted in shelterbelts, but has been rapidly spread by birds and become an aggressive weed. Because it is one of the hardiest species of trees introduced to the Great Plains, the Russian Olive thrives in Nebraska, often inhabiting areas around rivers and streams.

60peoplePromoting Partnerships:
High Plains WMA strives to form partnerships not only to control the spread of noxious and invasive plants, but also to raise awareness though education. Our partners include: County Noxious Weed Control, State Agencies, Federal Agencies, Local Landowners and Other Groups.

tree floating with flood

Focus On Flood Control:
One of High Plains Weed Management’s primary objectives is flood control. Russian olive trees are shallow rooted, with a root zone rarely beyond two feet in depth. These roots do, however, extend outward past the canopy of the tree foliage. During periods of high water events, such as a 100 year flood, the trees are easily uprooted and will float downstream…Read More

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